happyou API version 2

1. Introduction
2. Query builder

2a. Arguments of QueryBuilder
2b. Sample queries

3. API Specification

3a. Request URL
3b. Request method
3c. Request parameters
3d. Response JSON document
3e. Sample Program

4. Webhooks

1. Introduction

happyou API enables you to detect updates of websites on the topic that you collect.

2.Query Builder

In Query Builder, you can build your queries and test them by filling out html form.

2a. Arguments of Query Builder

key type description
aid long unique id of article
datelast int articles within n hours
date from date(YYYY-mm-dd) find articles date from(inclusive)
date to date(YYYY-mm-dd) find articles date to(exclusive)
pubdatelast int articles published to happyou server within n hours.
pubdatefrom articles articles published to happyou server from (inclusive)
pubdateto date(YYYY-mm-dd) articles published to happyou server to (exclusive)
orgname String organization or company name of article
orgnamecondition String "match" or "contains" of orgname condition
tickersymbol or securitycode string ticker symbol or security code of company
tag string tag conditions. tag name have to be encoded by utf-8
ns string namespace conditions. nsname have to be encoded by utf-8
contents string Full text search of articles. Work in progress.
mode string "multiple conditions by using "AND" or "OR".
count int maximum number of results to retrieve. Maximum value is 1000.
sorby string sort result articles by
remove external link boolean exclude articles which have links to external site
minscore int exclude articles which have a socre less than minscore

2b. Sample Queries

sample1. Find articles which have tag "Java" or "Scala" and published since 2015-01-01


sample2. Find articles which have a certain ticker symbol and published within the last 96 hours.


3.API Specification

3a. Request URL

Format Request URL
RSS https://happyou.info/webapp2/api2/index.rss
JSON https://happyou.info/webapp2/api2/index.json

3b. Request method

method GET

3c. Request parameters

Parameter Type Description
offset int set the start offset of this search
count int Set the maximum number of reseults to retrieve. Maximum valus is 1000.
mode string mutiple conditions in query. "AND" or "OR"
aid long unique id of article
orgname String organization name of article
orgnamecond String "match" or "contains" of orgname condition
pubdatef, pubdatet Date search articles publiblished between pubdatef inclusive and pubdatet exclusive. Use "yyyy-mm-dd" as date format.
pubdatelast int articles published in n hours
datef, datet Date search articles frozen date between datef inclusive and datet exclusive. Use "yyyy-mm-dd" as date format.
datelast int articles frozen in n hours
tag String tag conditions. tag name must be encoded by utf-8
ns String namespace conditions. ns name must be encoded by utf-8
excludeexternalsite boolean exclude articles which have links to external site.
tickersymbol string tickersymbol or security code of the company

3d. Response JSON document

Parameter name occurence type description
array 1 complex root of document
articles 1 complex root of articles
arary * array array of (Article and it's ns)
Article 1 complex single article
id 1 long unique id of article
title 1 string title
subtitle 1 string subtitle
description 1 string description
publishedDate 1 date uploaded date to happyou.info. 'yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss' in UTC time.
foundDate 1 date crawled date by crawler. 'yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss' in UTC time.
frozenDate 1 date Date written in a title or description of article. 'yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss' in UTC time.
nstitle 1 string title of namespace
archivedUrl 1 string source url of this article
linkedAbsUrlList 1 string list of url in an article. comma separated.
tagline 1 string list of tags of an article. comma separated.
orgname 1 string organization name of soruce website.
score 1 integer score evaluated by crawler.
ns 1 complex root of namespaces
array * array array of namespaces
id 1 long id
rieid 1 long id of article
nsid 1 long id of ns
val 1 long value of ns
date 1 date frozen date
nstitle 1 string title of namespace
errorid ? string error id
errormessage ? string error message

3e. Sample Program

You can download sample program to access happyou API in Java or PHP from here.


Webhooks are useful tool for integrating happyou API into your web services. happyou API triggers webhook's query periodically, generate json document which contains articles found recently and post json to your web server.

Captions Description
Actions edit/delete/test command to this webhook
Id id of this webhook
Title title of this webhook
Url callback URL. webhook will post json document to this URL.
Query query connected with this webhook. This query will be executed periodically.
Interval The interval time to execute query
Last Executed The last time this webhook executed
On On/Off switch of this webhook