Specification of API ver1

To build your query, use this form .

Request URL

format RequestURL
RSS https://happyou.info/webappv1/api/index.rss
json https://happyou.info/webappv1/api/index.json

Request method

method GET

Request parameters

Parameter Type Value Description
offset int 0 (default) set the start offset of this search
count int 20 (default) Set the maximum number of reseults to retrieve. Maximum valus is 1000.
mode string "AND" or "OR" mutiple conditions in query
aid long unique id of article
orgname String organization name of article
orgnamecond String "m" or "c" "match" or "contains" of orgname condition
pubdatef, pubdatet Date e.g. "2015-12-30" search articles publiblished between pubdatef inclusive and pubdatet exclusive. Use "yyyy-mm-dd" as for the format.
pubdatelast int e.g. 48 articles published in n hours
datef, datet Date e.g. "2015-12-30" search articles frozen date between datef inclusive and datet exclusive. Use "yyyy-mm-dd" as for the format.
datelast int e.g. 48 articles frozen in n hours
tag String tag conditions. tag name must be encoded by utf-8
ns String namespace conditions. nsname must be encoded by utf-8
excludeexternalsite boolean exclude articles which have links to external site.

Sample request

see samples.


Parameter name occurence type description
articles 1 complex root of document
(no name) 0..* complex list of articles,tag and ns
Article 1 complex single article
id 1 long unique id of article
title 1 string title
subtitle 1 string sub title
description 1 string description
publishedDate 1 date uploaded date to happyou.info. 'yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss' in UTC time.
foundDate 1 date crawled date by crawler. 'yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss' in UTC time.
frozenDate 1 date Date written in a title or description of article. 'yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss' in UTC time.
archivedUrl 1 string source url of this article
linkedAbsUrlList 1 string list of url in an article. comma separated.
tagline 1 string list of tags of an article. comma separated.
orgname 1 string organization name of soruce website.
score 1 integer score evaluated by crawler.
tag 1 complex list of tags
(no name) 0..* complex single tag
id 1 long id of tag
rieid 1 long id of article
taghash 1 integer hashcode of tag
ns 1 complex list of namespaces
(no name) 0..* complex single namespace
id 1 long id
rieid 1 long id of article
nsid 1 long id of ns
val 1 long value of ns
date 1 date frozen date
errorid 1 string error id
errormessage 1 string error message

Sample Program

You can download sample program in Java or PHP from here.